Reviving The Blog

New mission… expand myself artistically.
1) Discover New Music
2) Write Lots of Music
3) Discover New Photography
4) Take Lots of Photos

Today’s music is old to others but new to me.
“With Love and Squalor” from We Are Scientists iTunes Link

Today’s photography is from Trey Ratcliff. Check out his great tutorial on High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. Click Here
HDR is how I always wanted pictures I took to look. Now to figure out how to do it for myself.
Some attempts at faking it on Flickr and I’ll try the real thing soon.


LA – Boston – New York – Shanghai

Three days until the final flight to Shanghai.  Its been a busy couple of weeks between packing and putting my stuff in storage and visiting my friends and family.  Just had a great 18 hour trip to New York City.  If you haven’t been down there lately you should definitely check out what they have done with Times Square.  Best people watching spot in the world now I think.  Had amazing weather and sat right in the middle of times square having a drink.   Lawn chairs in the middle of Broadway?  How cool is that?

Check out this post on Gothamist that talks about the changes.  Click here

Also a great article from the New York Times.  Click here